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    Battery tensioner Cyklop CMT 250
    Hand pallets strapping > to PP straps
    • cmt250-cht400-300pHand tensioner Cyklop CMT 250
    • Battery tool dedicated to strapping the heavy loads, with wide and thick PET straps
    • The successor of the popular tensioner - CHT 200, but with higher and adjustable tension force (400 do 2.500 N)
    • 3 working modes: manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic
    • Ergonomic shapend very good balance make working with this tool is very light and easy, even with plenty of loads to pack
    • Strap thickness adjustable: 12 - 16 mm (no extra spare parts required)
    • Batteries made by Bosch work properly even in low temperatures
    • Easy handling with intuitive touch pannel