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    Nowość! RQ 8000
    Wednesday, 27 June 2018
    rq8000RQ 8000 is a new strapping machine from STRAPACK company. This is very modern and very fast arch strapping machine. It has all the advantages of RQ series, but it is also faster and more durable. 64 straps per minute, straps counter, foot switch, table height adjustment - all
    ATIS 125 N - wrapping machine to tyres
    Sunday, 24 June 2018
    atis_125_nATIS 125 N is a variant of the popular horizontal strapping machine, specially dedicated to the strapping of the car tyres. Huge choice of strapping programms this machine can be used both to tyres, but also to many others different products.
    FOOD-to-GO Fairs with IZIPAK
    Wednesday, 11 October 2017
    We kindly invite you to take share in 6th Fairs named FOOD-TO-GO. They will take place on 3-4 February 2016 in AMBEREXPO Międzynarodowe Targi Gdańskie. IZIPAK will show a very interesting portfolio of the gastronomy machines, and especially atraction of the show - vacuum machines, a great benefit for the Chefs!

    New wrapping machines in IZIPAK's offer
    Monday, 24 April 2017
    We have increased our offer of pallets wrapping machines. We have started to sell very good machines, made by Italian company: PKG. The Italian wrappers are a little bit different, tha machines made by CYKLOP,
    New image of IZIPAK
    Thursday, 27 November 2014

    In the end of 2014 we decided to change our Company logo. New sigh will appears on each document and commercial material of IZIPAK.


    We hope, that our Client, Suppliers and co-operators will like our new logo as much as crew of IZIPAK like.

    NOWOŚĆ! Wynajem maszyn pakujących
    Thursday, 06 March 2014
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    W odpowiedzi na liczne zapytania ze strony naszych Klientów, postanowiliśmy zwiększyć zakres świadczonych przez nas usług. Wprowadziliśmy możliwość wynajmu maszyn i urządzeń do pakowania. Do oferty wynajmu włączyliśmy:

    Co-operation with Minipack-Torre
    Sunday, 22 April 2018

    IZIPAK started a co-operation with a new supplier - Minipack-Torre Company from Italy. Our new partner is an European and world-wide leader in thermoshrinking and vacuum industry.

    Hot Air Guns for shrinking film
    Friday, 30 June 2017
    rafale-pistoletWe present 2 guns for hot air, which are dedicated to shrinking film. They are specially used to burning, packaging, shrinking the film. They are sold as a full sets, immediately ready to use.
    1. Set IZI-RAFALE PLUS - details click here
    2. Set IZI-RAFALE MINI - details click here
    New! Taping machine IZI SCOTCH S!
    Thursday, 09 March 2017
    izi-scotch-sWe proudly present a new sealing and taping semiautomatic machine - IZI SCOTCH S. This is an answer for our clients need. This machine allows to glue the cartons, both from top and bottom sides, with selfadhesive tape. Large knobs make the dimensions adjustment very easy and comfortable. Machine is solid and reliable, very easy to use, and has also very good price, especially in relation with high quality. More information HERE.
    We have Gold Medal of MTP!
    Tuesday, 26 August 2014

    Gold Medal of International Fairs in Poznan is one of the most known and prestigeous awords on Polish Market. It is given by the Jury of the Competition, which concerns the experts from business and science environment. Only top quality and innovative products have the chance for this award! Gold Medal is given for over 30 years! More than 500 products take share anniversary in this competition!

    News! Wrapping machine EDDY
    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    axWe proudly present the next machine belonging to the Italian serieres, made by PKG GROUP. Automatic wrapper EDDY is the machine especially dedicated to the high capacity industries, where a great number of pallets is packed everyday. Machine is equipped with rotating arm. Standard capacity in standard version of EDDY is 50-60 pallets per 1 working hour.